Why Sherpa Ant

Where the name originated

During my Appalachian Trail thru-hike my hiking partners and I were thinking about post-trail life and trying to distract ourselves from the long decent of a steep NH mountain. After over 4 months on trail we were starting to feel like our backpacks were just a part of us but, we were feeling grateful for the ability to purchase some lighter gear options (although we all had our "luxuries" that were worth the weight, mine was rain pants so I could sit anywhere). We started discussing how Sherpas in Nepal would carry very heavy packs and knowing how hard it was going up a NH mountain with a 35 pound pack we could only imagine how tough it might be to hike to Everest Basecamp with a much heavier load. 
Since your mind starts to wander when you are with your thoughts all day and you are constantly looking down at the trail, we remarked how ants also carry loads that are way larger than their bodies. Hence Sherpa Ant. 
I had always known I wanted to start my own design business and when "Sherpa Ant" came out, I instantly knew what the logo would look like and I drew it up at the next trail town's breakfast joint.

What does "Sherpa" mean?

While the brand name may have originated from thru-hiking ramblings, the “Sherpa” name has a very deep, cultural meaning.
A “Sherpa” is a member of the Himalayan people from Tibet and Nepal who, in the Western world, are often known for their mountaineering skill. While Westerners have admired their way of life and skill in the mountains, the term Sherpa has broadened to encompass “someone who carries gear or guides others in the mountains” while keeping the respect and admiration for the culture.